Saturday, September 26, 2009

We are in mourning today.

My son Ethan's little rat, Michelle, died last night. She's the light colored one in the picture. He was devastated. He is such a sensitive soul and this really tore him up. He was so good though, he held her and pet her until she passed. We will be having a rat funeral today. The other rat is now searching the cage and calling out for her. They are very social and we will need to get another rat to keep her company. Ethan is okay with that.

On a lighter, less-rodent note, here are a couple LOs I created last night. This first one is of my youngest taking his first bites of cereal.

This one is Halloween pictures and paper from last year. I highlighted the tree and bats that were on the paper by using glass glitter. All I did was cover the image with my Beacon 3-in-1 glue and then applied the glitter. Easy peasy and it really made the LO pop. The diecuts were cut by my mom several years ago on her Xyron PCS-I love them, especially the witch.

Thanks for looking and have a glorious weekend! Oh, and hello Willow hoppers.


  1. So sorry about Ethan's pet, poor little guy! Give him a hug from Grandma.

    I love the layouts! Glad that you found a use for those old XPCS die cuts (occasionally I still drag out the XPCS, it has some great shapes) The glittered tree and bats are way cool!

  2. Sorry for your son's loss.

    Adorable LOs! The diecuts are too cute!

  3. My condolences. Those diecuts are really cute, the bling.

  4. Sorry about your son losing his pet.

    Beautiful layouts and the die cuts on the Halloween layout are totally cute!

  5. Aww,,,Ethan...Hugs!

    I never think to use glitter! You inspire me girl!

  6. rip michelle

    cute pages!!!! love that first meal

  7. Great layouts! Love those "first" pages.

  8. Hugs to Ethan.

    Love the layouts! Those die cut pieces really make that Halloween layout FUN!

  9. Hugs to Ethan. I'm so sorry!

    I love the layouts, too.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your rat. :(