Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cupcakes and Scrapping

If you are looking for some great, fun Halloween treat ideas then check out the October issue of Ladies Home Journal. There are tuns of treats and crafts in there. Yesterday my little guy and I made Black Cat Cupcakes. This isn't the best picture, but they turned out really cute. Excuse my kid's tongue. He refuses to pose for a picture without making funny faces. Anyhow, we made chocolate cupcakes and then frosted them with chocolate frosting. We then covered generously with chocolate sprinkles. The ears are made from chocolate wafers cut into triangles and stuck to the edge of the cupcake. The eyes are a slice of yellow gumdrop with a chocolate sprinkle down the middle (easier than cutting black licorice whips like the directions stated). Then we piped the chocolate frosting for the nose. Now the whiskers are supposed to be black licorice whips, but I couldn't find any. So we just used food coloring to turn the frosting black and piped it on using a baggie with a corner snipped off. Worked pretty slick. The little guy had a blast helping me and they were a big hit with the neighbor kids! Again, this was not my idea...It belongs to Ladies Home Journal. (Oh, and please forgive my dirty kitchen floor...that's on the list for today :)

Now for some scrapping! I am still going strong in the Willow Traders LEO challenge. I'm 10 for 10. Challenge 10 was to do a LO that shows progression. I love the way this turned out. I used the Baby Boy kit from A Kiss on the Chic April. I included the ultrasound pic, a pic of me right before leaving for the hospital (ha! you can hardly even tell I'm pregnant--don't worry, my 2nd pregnancy was different, LOL), oldest son right after he was born, and then his 3 month picture. The journaling just talk about the joy of having him. And what does said son say when he sees this LO?????? "Mom, is that what you wore when you worked on the farm?" Grrrr....he should be kissing the ground I walk on for bringing him into this world, not making fun of my wardrobe choices when I was in labor!

And this fun little LO was done using The Boyfriend part of my The Scrap Room kit. See the title....the S was really an 8, the C was an E, and the O's were a "q", "d", and "g", and the l was a k!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love those little owl cupcakes! The first layout is beautiful ... worked on the farm indeed! Cheeky kid! Love the second layout too.

  2. Love it all! The cupcakes, so cute...& the pages are the bow.

  3. Great LOs! I love the ribbon on the 1st one.

  4. Cute cupcakes!They look really yummy too!

    You blog is so cute with the cherries and red, white and blue.

    I see lots of creative layouts! You go girl!

  5. Love the bright colors of the second layout! And the first is so sweet.

  6. HEATHER! I want to come to your house for cupcakes! that is too stinkin cute! Love your layouts too - Your then and now is just beautiful!!

  7. The cupcakes are TOO CUTE and you know how much I love your LEO layouts!!!

  8. Love those cupcakes.

    All my bringing home baby pics for #3 had me wearing my a free t-shirt my DH got at a tech conference and wore while I was in labor. Fashion choices always come up when we look at those pics.

    Love how you combined labor to 3 month pictures in the same LO - awesome idea.